Wednesday, 23 August 2017

''just smile'' by Sandra

Hi 13@rts lovers!

I'm here today to show you my layout with vintage moments collection...

I keeped the vintage-romantic look and I wanted to give you some littles tips. So, let's see it...

but, first, ma layout :

for the white flowers, I used some old babies wipes and some miltipurpose gel...

and on my background, I used cracked gel from Decoart and some matte paint ...

and some closes up...

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thanks ;-)
San xx

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lori Woods and her great TUTORIAL

Nasza utalentowana Gościnna Projektantka -  Lori Woods ma głowę pełną pomysłów :) Spójrzcie na ten NIESAMOWITY lampion przez nią wykonany. Lori była tak miła, że podzieliła się z nami tutorialem, więc możecie zrobić taką piękną dekorację do swojego domu. 

Our talented Guest Designer -  Lori Woods has a head full of ideas :) Look at this AMAZING lantern made by her. She was so nice to make a tutorial so you can make this beautiful decoration at your home! 

>>> <<<

Hello again 13arts fans. Today I have a mixed media project for you to light up your life!

This lantern started as an old christmas decoration and I decided to give it a makeover. I removed the glass panels from the frame and put them to the side. I primed the frame with black gesso, and then roughly mixed together metallic bronze paint, Expresso paint and clear Crackle glaze and painted the frame with the mixture. Once it was dry, I added some drops of Turquoise mist to chalk-finish medium to give a very matte mixture and used this to highlight the cracks and to give a faded look. I then dry brushed white gesso over the frame to highlight some areas. Now for the galaxy look!

Because I wanted the outside of the glass to remain smooth, I had to paint the galaxy effect in reverse. First, white gesso was splattered over the glass to create the look of stars and once this was dry, I added swirls and areas of Gold Glitter paint to create the effect of constellations. Then I poured some acrylic liquid medium into a spray bottle and covered the glass in it to seal the layers so far and create a little dimension. (This stuff is amazing! So versatile and so many things you can do with it!)

Next I took my turquoise mist, dirty pink mist and Vivid violet paint and used a paintbrush to create areas of colour around the glitter; blend the colours together, leave areas where the colour pools, let the colours dry and then apply further coats to create areas of light and more intense colour- basically just play about until you are happy with the effect! I took my spray bottle of liquid medium again, but this time applied a very, very thin layer of the medium as too much can cause the mists to run, so I did multiple thin layers to seal the colours. 

Now to finish the galaxy effect. Over the areas of colour I painted a very light layer of white gesso and over the rest of the glass I painted a thicker layer of black gesso (the reason why will soon become clear!), and when this was dry I put the glass panels back into the lantern.

This is the finished lantern, with a shabby, vintage-effect frame and beautiful galaxy panels, which looks pretty enough. But, if you place a candle or light source inside the lantern and dim the lights a little.......

........ the areas of white gesso allow the light to shine through the glass and create a lovely illuminated galaxy effect!

I hope you like this technique and that it inspires you to create a pretty galaxy night light or decoration for yourself!

Materials used:

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Dziękujemy Lori! Nie możemy się doczekać Twoich kolejnych pomysłów. 
Thank you Lori! We can't wait to see your next ideas. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Vintage Moments

Hej kochani ! Dziś zespól 13 arts pracował na moim najnowszym, papierowym dziecku kolekcji Vintage Moments. Nazwa w sumie mówi o niej wszystko . Kocham vintage, steampunk grunge i industrial, ale uwielbiam tez kwiaty i to właśnie jest esencja tej kolekcji . Papiery uzupełniają naklejki - uniwersalne proste pasujące i do bardziej nowoczesnych i bardziej starociowych prac. Mamy też maski z których moja ulubiona jest kontynuacja naszego bestsellera z poprzedniej kolekcji . Kolekcja jest idealna dla wszystkich wielbicieli postarzeń i klimatów vintage.

Hey Guys ! So today whole team was working with my latest baby - Vintage Moments Collection. Name tells you all - it's all about vintage. I love vintage and grunge and steampunk junk and Industrial, but I also love flowers and that's the essential of this collection. Papers are followed by stickers - very versatile and simple this time. We have also stencils and one of them is in the same theme as your favorite from His and Hers. Whole collection will be perfect for everyone who like distressed effects. 

W mojej pracy chciałam pokazać trochę bardziej nowoczesne podejscie do tej kolekcji . Wykorzystałam papier Rose Garden oraz maski z kolekcji, Użyłam tez fenomenalnej maski zaprojektowanej przez Fionę.
Przez maski nałożyłam farbę akrylową. Z palety kolorów domieszałam sobie idealnie taki odcień jaki jest na papierze .

I wanted to show with this Layout a little bit different point of view on this collection. I use it to frame my sons Halloween photo . I use mostly Rose Garden paper and stencils. One of them is from Fiona's collection. I used them with acrylic paints - I mixed my own color perfectly matching my paper .

Materials from 13 arts store:

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"Olga's collections are always beautiful and this one is one my favorite's of all I have ever worked with. I created a layout. First I added some white gesso, then I made some texture with Olga's new stencil, also from "Vintage moments" collection. I also added some stamping and colors to frame one of my most beautiful memories from Bondi Beach. "


Materials from 13 arts store:


Materials from 13 arts store:


Materials from 13 arts store:

>>> <<<

Materials from 13 arts store:

13 arts White Gesso
White modeling paste 
'In the Past' paper Vintage Moments
'Rose Garden' paper Vintage Moments
Stencil 'Lavender'
Chalk Lilac Ayeeda Mist
Splash Ink Black
Ayeeda Paint 'Old Silver'
13 arts White Flower Adornments
Chipboard 'Strength in Numbers'


Pokażcie nam swoje prace z nowymi kolekcjami :) !
Możecie podzielić się nimi w komentarzu lub w naszej Facebookowej grupie ARTelier :)

Show us your projects with our new products! :) 
 You can share them in the comment or in our ARTelier FB Group :) 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Mixed Media canvas by Christina "Forever"

 Hello!!!This is Christina here today and I will show you a mixed media canvas I made with a favourite photo of mine... I had this photo for a long time , since my daughter was three years old and I wanted to scrap this for sure...So this was the time I had to do it...
Well, this time I didn't use a
lot of stensils but only one but I made different textures with my tools and pastes... First of all I used some stickers for my backround and then I started to use my gel medium and my modeling paste with a script stencil to make some texture...

 Then I used my favourite mists and acrylic colours to paint my backround . I used only two or three colours because I wanted to add my chipboards and I didn't want to have so busy backround.

As you can see , I painted my chipboards in black so that they can pop up...I love black colour on them...Underneith my photo I had only some papers from His and Hers collection... It is one of my favourite collections...

 Of course I couldn't end my canvas LO without my favourite 3D elements... I used a lot of glitter , some glass filler . some microsheres and glass spheres...

Well, as you can see , I used some flowers and some metal embellies to add some more interest... 
My title is "forever" painted in white because I wanted to be different from the other chipboards.

Products used:
So , that's from me for today...
I hope you liked my canvas..

Thank you so much 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Courage | Terhi Koskinen

Hello lovely people!

Terhi here today with a super fresh layout made with the brand new Strenght in Numbers collection.

The first inspiring thing with this collection for me is the fresh, airy and fun feeling in every patterned paper. That is something I wanted to capture to this layout too.

To reach the fresh, pretty and girly look I had in mind I left other side of the page completely empty, and added all the element on the right side.
The empty space let your rest and the white color highlights the patterned papers on the other side.

To break the big line between patterned papers and the white area, I cut the photograph circle shape. It is a small thing to do but makes a huge difference, don't you think!?

The heart embellishment under the photograph is one of the chipboard shapes we have in store, just painted with gold paint.

Hope you are inspired!

13arts materials: